Brighton is Ready and United

With just over a week to go until the far-right group March for England (MfE) and its fascist friends hold a march along Brighton sea-front, the determined opposition to the racist group amongst residents of the city is strong.

Many anti-fascist activists have been running stalls and passing out tens of thousands of leaflets in the city, and the feed-back from everyone living in Brighton is clear: we don’t want the far-right marchers here and they must be opposed.

flyerfront lbhr flyer

On Sunday the 7th of April Brighton Love Music Hate Racism organised a packed gig, which successfully brought musicians and music fans together in opposition to the fascists. The location of the gig, in an area commonly targeted by far-right thugs with one of the highest recorded hate crime rates in the region, sent out the message we will not be scared off of our streets.

On Thursday the 11th of April a meeting organised by Unite Against Fascism was addressed by a platform of speakers including Green Councillor Phelim Mac Cafferty, Sarah Owen from the Labour party, a speaker from the NUT and Weyman Bennett the UAF joint national secretary.

The packed meeting was not deterred by a feeble attempt by fascists to protest against it. Eight supporters of the EDL, MfE and other South East based racist groups gathered on the pavement opposite the meeting room and waved flags. They were rapidly outnumbered by Brightonians who came to show opposition to them. The thugs soon scurried off, realising Brighton was not a welcoming place for racists.

Building for the protest against MfE is still going strong and this weekend large groups of anti-fascist in Brighton will be taking to the streets to hold stalls and leaflet door to door, ensuring everyone in the city who opposes racism takes part in the counter demo on the 21st.

Brighton and Hove Unite Against Fascism is encouraging everyone who hates the idea of racist thugs trying to divide our city to gather near Brighton Pier from 11am on Sunday the 21st. The MfE march is due to set off from in front of the big wheel at around mid-day.


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