A Day of Two Marches

Fascists were massively humiliated as they bit off more than they could chew in Brighton this Sunday.

Around one and a half thousand people from the city lined the route of the racist EDL’s sea-front march to show their opposition to the Nazis.


As the one hundred and fifty members of the March for England event, mainly consisting of supporters from the English Defence League, marched along the seafront their voices were drowned out for the whole distance of the march as they were met with a wall of noise, as protesters chanted: ‘Whose streets? Our streets!’, and ‘there are many, many more of us than you.’

It was the second year in a row the fascist march was a failure for its organisers. In 2012 they had planned to march from the station around the city, but anti-fascists pushed them down a side street leaving them surrounded by a mass of  their opponents on a little used area of grass between four lanes of traffic.

This year Sussex Police insisted they marched along the wide seafront road and say they spent more money on securing the event than they had on anything since the 80’s. A wall of steel was constructed in every access road to the seafront, and a fenced in iron bunker was created to house the racist rally.

Anti-fascists arriving to rally in front of Brighton Pier found they were blocked from crossing to get to it, so instead occupied the road opposite. Because of this the fascists were unable to reach their rally without first passing massed ranks of booing, chanting people who had been able to line every access point. Looking pathetic they walked past the crowd in twos and threes protected by cops.

The fascists had spent the last few months in a frenzy of activity, trying to pull support from as far afield as possible, but still only managed to attract 150.

Anti-fascists had concentrated all their efforts in the city itself, starting with a unity statement that was signed by many leading figures in the city.

At stalls across the city campaigners had constantly heard the same thing from Brighton residents: ‘racists aren’t welcome here, lets chase them out of our city.’

University of Sussex Students Union and Brighton Love Music organised a packed event, at a venue in the area of the city the fascists have often targeted because of its LGBT bars. The police had also organised for the Nazi march to be held near this area of the city, so it was important to show solidarity there.

Once the pathetic EDL march had straggled back the few hundred yards to its rally point, and their little racist show was over hundreds of Brightonians took to the street for a march through the city centre to the station. They marched along the same roads they had driven the EDL from the previous year, and where greeted by cheers and car horns as people came out of the shops to clap and to join in. the protest and march were supported by banners from Brighton University UCU, the NUT, Unison and others.

It was a day of two marches, a pathetic failed one by the EDL, and a fantastic and massive one by people of the proudly anti-fascist city of Brighton.


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