Don’t let the racists divide us

The Argus has run a story today about the EDL’s plans to march in Brighton and lay a wreath at the war memorial.
Scott Horwood, EDL’s Sussex regional organiser is quoted by the Argus as saying that Brighton is “.not a place that’s friendly to nationalists so we won’t be hanging around” and has promised the EDL group would try to be “in and out of Brighton in one hour”.  One wonders why they feel the need to come to Brighton when they know they are not welcome.
We believe this event is about exploiting Lee Rigby’s memory, not respecting it. This weekend the English Defence League are organising 55 protests in different towns and cities across the country. The far right British National Party is trying to re-launch itself after its recent splits by  holding a national protest in Whitehall, Central London at 1pm – the first time they have done so since 1998.
The best way to commemorate Lee Rigby’s death is through a peaceful show of unity against the BNP, EDL and Islamophobia such as the one organised by UAF in London.  Lee Rigby’s family have said  “We would like to emphasise that Lee would not want people to use his name as an excuse to carry out attacks against others” and Drummer Rigby’s regiment, the Royal Fusiliers,  has issued a notice to veterans and serving soldiers warning them about being associated with far-right groups.

Brig Ian Liles, regimental secretary to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, wrote: “It is wrong and disgraceful that the death of one of our own should be exploited in this manner and that dishonour, by wrongful association, is brought on to the regiment.”  In a separate notice Col James Stopford warned “extremist organisations (English Defence League in particular) will seize any opportunity to align veterans with their cause”.

The sight of EDL members giving Nazi salutes in London last Monday refutes the idea that they have any respect for the British Armed Forces.

If you haven’t already done so sign our online petition calling for unity against the EDL’s attempts to divide our communities

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