Reception for Farage by anti UKIP protesters

When Farage and UKIP came to Brighton to a rally at Hove Town Hall on Monday 3rd June they were greeted by more than a 100 protesters from a local Stand Up to UKIP coalition of groups including PCS, NUT, Unison, UCUImage and GMB trade unionists, anti Bedroom Tax campaigners, members of the local Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Brighton Queers against Cuts and students from Brighton’s universities and sixth form colleges. UKIP supporters had to be escorted by police on a ‘walk of shame’ through a throng of protesters making it clear that racists, homophobes and misogynists are not welcome in Brighton. Nearly an hour after the meeting had been scheduled to start, Farage still hadn’t managed to speak as UKIP members turned on members of the public in the meeting who were then evicted for daring to question UKIP. An impromptu rally with speeches from the PCS branch secretary of the local DWP, the Brighton Benefits Campaign, a Brighton CityClean worker in dispute with the City Council and a student from the University of Sussex campaign against privatisation who also made the links between ConDem cuts and racist scape goating and emphasised the need to unite the resistance against austerity and racism brought the protest to a close.