Day of Action against Fascism Saturday 12 October

Day of Action against Fascism Saturday 12 October

Bradford: Unite Against EDL
Liverpool: March Against Fascism

1. We are Bradford: Unite Against EDL
Saturday 12 October looks set to be a major day of action against fascism. The English Defence League (EDL) has called a demonstration in Bradford. Bradford has one of the largest concentration of Muslim communities in the country and was the scene of riots in 2001, after a growth in fascist activity in the area. In 2010 the last time the EDL targeted Bradford, we showed that it is possible to voice opposition to the EDL in a peaceful and dignified fashion. UAF and We Are Bradford have called a peaceful celebration of multiculturalism on Saturday 12 October.

We are Bradford : Unite Against the EDL
Assemble 11am Urban Gardens, Bradford

2. Liverpool: March Against Fascism

Meanwhile on the same day in Liverpool, UAF is supporting the March Against Fascism called by Unite the Union. Two years ago the EDL violently attacked the Unite the Union regional offices in Liverpool, and last year attacked PCS members whilst on strike in the region. The Euro elections will take place next year and Nick Griffin leader of the British National Party (BNP) is seeking re-election as an MEP in the North West region. We ask all members and supporters in the North West to mobilise for and attend this demonstration.

Don’t let the haters win – join the march against fascism
12:00-20:00 ASSEMBLE POINT: William Brown Street, Liverpool 3 at noon.

More details including coaches and leaflets: