March for England – they don’t march for us


March for England 2013
(they are on the left-hand side – you may need a good magnifying glass)

Thousands of people from across Brighton are, yet again, ready to line the seafront on Sunday (27th April) to counter this year’s March for England. Attempting to bring their crude form of nationalism in the form of ‘Englishness’ to the city will be rag-bag assortment of racist thugs, Islamaphobes and homophobes.

The English Defence League and the BNP have been halted in their tracks across the country over the last year, so their Brighton ‘day out’ is likely to attract the sad rump of the far right splinter groups still left.

All their previous visits have been met with a united front of resistance from Brightonians from all parts of the city – workers, trade unionists, students, the LGBT community and people of faith and no-faith. This year must be no different, and after they have shuffled a couple of hundred metres along the seafront in a metal cage, with a police escort that easily outnumber them, they will be jeered off the streets and humiliated yet again. Then we can continue to enjoy our city and the diversity it offers – something March for England cannot understand. That’s why they hate us so much.

We are gathering at the bottom of West Street at 11.30 am to line the seafront route.Bring home-made placards & banners and whistles. For updates follow @stopmfe.

Let’s stand together and drown out their message of hate and let them know we want them to give up and not come back.


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