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Stand Up to UKIP

UKIP are holding a meeting in Hove on Tuesday 13th. May, where their two SE MEP candidates are due to appear.

Previous meetings in Brighton & Hove have been met with sizable and vocal protests. Lets make Tuesday no different.

Their meeting is at Ralli Hall, diagonally opposite Hove train station, and we are meeting at 6.30 pm.

ukip poster

We are deeply concerned by the rising level of support for UKIP, shown in recent elections and opinion polls.

UKIP is a far-right populist party. It is similar to far-right populist parties across Europe — such as Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands — and the Tea Party movement in the US.

Like these parties, UKIP stirs up racism and reactionary views. It scapegoats immigrants, blaming them for the economic crisis, unemployment and lack of housing.

UKIP has also targeted Muslims, LGBT people and other minority communities. It attacks our multicultural society.

It encourages a racist and reactionary current of public opinion that threatens black and Asian people, Jewish people, Eastern Europeans, LGBT people and others.

The problems we confront are not due to immigration, our multicultural society, equal rights, or the influence of supposedly ‘alien’ ideas or culture.

The bankers and their rich City friends are to blame for the economic crisis and austerity. Creating division and hatred in our communities will make life worse for everyone.

We believe people of goodwill must come together to stand up to UKIP and say no to its racism and reactionary ideas — regardless of our differing views on Europe or other political issues.

If we do not, there is a danger that UKIP will grow in influence. This will give increasing legitimacy to its racist scapegoating, which in turn will have an impact on mainstream politics.

Such a climate of racist and reactionary ideas also creates a fertile breeding ground for fascist organisations, such as the British National Party and the English Defence League.

We call on all those who reject racism, scapegoating and xenophobic nationalism to join us in campaigning against UKIP. Let’s say no to racism and stand up for our multicultural society.

March for England – they don’t march for us


March for England 2013
(they are on the left-hand side – you may need a good magnifying glass)

Thousands of people from across Brighton are, yet again, ready to line the seafront on Sunday (27th April) to counter this year’s March for England. Attempting to bring their crude form of nationalism in the form of ‘Englishness’ to the city will be rag-bag assortment of racist thugs, Islamaphobes and homophobes.

The English Defence League and the BNP have been halted in their tracks across the country over the last year, so their Brighton ‘day out’ is likely to attract the sad rump of the far right splinter groups still left.

All their previous visits have been met with a united front of resistance from Brightonians from all parts of the city – workers, trade unionists, students, the LGBT community and people of faith and no-faith. This year must be no different, and after they have shuffled a couple of hundred metres along the seafront in a metal cage, with a police escort that easily outnumber them, they will be jeered off the streets and humiliated yet again. Then we can continue to enjoy our city and the diversity it offers – something March for England cannot understand. That’s why they hate us so much.

We are gathering at the bottom of West Street at 11.30 am to line the seafront route.Bring home-made placards & banners and whistles. For updates follow @stopmfe.

Let’s stand together and drown out their message of hate and let them know we want them to give up and not come back.

Brighton Unity Statement against the March for England 2014

ImageLast year, around 1500 Brighton residents from different backgrounds came out in unity to show the racist MfE that they are not welcome in brighton. Below is a Unity Statement against the March For England signed by various Brighton groups and trade unions. We welcome support from all groups and individuals who want to sign up to the statement. To add your organisation just email

Brighton is a brilliant and vibrant city where many people of different cultures, backgrounds, abilities and faiths come together. It has a positive and unique character which its residents enjoy and embrace. Brighton people live here in the knowledge that they will be valued and that the things which make each individual different are celebrated here – not despised. We take great pleasure and pride in being surrounded by humanity in all its exciting diversity.

Because of this it is very saddening to discover that the far right group March for England, which is a division of the violent and racist organisation the English Defence League, is to march in Brighton (on April 27 2014). In previous years, participants in the March for England have made Nazi salutes and shouted homophobic, sexist and racist abuse at passers-by.

When groups like this come to Brighton it is because our multicultural city in all its diversity proves that their own doctrine of hate is wrong, and they want to damage our unity. That is why we stand together: black, white and Asian; people of all faiths and of no faith; trade unionists; people of different political persuasions; University, school and college students; people of all abilities; whatever our sexuality.

In Brighton we all stand together. And when someone tries to threaten our community we must stand together even more firmly and join the counter demonstration on 27th April, meeting at 11.30am at the bottom of West Street.

Caroline Lucas MP

Brighton and Hove Unite Against Fascism

Stop the March for England

Brighton Trades Council

Brighton and Hove Unison

Brighton University UCU

Brighton and Hove NUT

University of Sussex Students Union

Nancy Platts, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

Dr. Peter Kyle, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Hove & Portslade

Purna Sen Labour parliamentary candidate, Brighton Pavilion

 Brighton Love Music Hate Racism

Phélim MacCafferty, Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide

Sussex Partnership Unison branch

Sussex LRC

Councillor Warren Morgan, Labour and Co-operative Councillor for East Brighton, Leader of the Labour and Co-operative Group

Geoffrey Bowden, Green Party Councillor for Queen’s Park

Ruth Buckley, Green Party Councillor for Goldsmid

Lizzie Deane, Green Party Councillor for St Peter’s and North Laine

Ben Duncan, Green Party Councillor for Queen’s Park

Chris Hawtree, Green Party Parliamentary candidate Hove and Portslade

Rob Jarrett, Green Party Councillor for Goldsmid

Davy Jones, Green Party Parliamentary candidate Brighton Kemptown

Mike Jones, Green Party Councillor for Preston Park

Leo Littman, Green Party Councillor for Preston Park

Lisa Murray, Chair Brighton Hove Green Party

Phélim Mac Cafferty, Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide

Alex Phillips, Green Party Councillor for Goldsmid

Steph Powell, Green Party Councillor for Queen’s Park

Bill Randall, Green Party Councillor for Hanover and Elm Grove

Sven Rufus, Green Party Councillor for Hollingdean and Stanmer

Sue Shanks, Green Party Councillor for Withdean

Ollie Sykes, Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide

Liz Wakefield, Green Party Councillor for Hanover and Elm Grove

Pete West, Green Party Councillor for St Peter’s and North Laine



M22 UN Anti-racism day

Over 6,000 people crowded into Trafalgar Square on Saturday 22nd March, after a lively and vocal march from Parliament Square, in a fantastic display of solidarity with anti-racist activists across the world.

The London event was part of a day of action called by the UN to coincide with Anti-Racism Day, with demonstrations taking place in over 14 different countries, and was a great example of a united front against all forms of racism and fascism.

A great line up of speakers representing political groups, trade unions and religious groups, together with musicians and other performers created a strong spirit of solidarity and sent a clear message that intolerance and scapegoating will be opposed at every opportunity.  The sunshine and a wonderful atmosphere made for a great day!

The Brighton Unite Against Fascism banner was proudly displayed, alongside hundreds of banners from across the country, by a large Brighton contingent of trade unionist and student activists that travelled to the capital by coach and train. The coach was funded by local trades unions and UAF.  We call on all trade unionists and anti-racists to show the same solidarity on the 27th April and oppose MFE and stand up to their racism here in Brighton. Image


What UKIP really stand for and why we must stand up to them


UKIP is a racist, far right party that loves the rich – Seven reasons why we must oppose them:

Brighton and Hove will get the chance to do just that at the UKIP Brighton & Hove Branch – Portslade Public Meeting  on the 18th Feb 7-9pm . Speakers – UKIP SE Regional MEP Candidates Janice Atkinson (why not take up her invitation to “talk to UKIP” & Ray Finch.
Portslade Town Hall, Victoria Road, Portslade, Brighton, East Sussex BN41 1Y

Assemble outside Portslade Town Hall from 6pm

Holocaust Memorial Day Film Screening of ‘Korkoro’



5.30pm Monday 27th January 2014 10-11 Pavilion Parade, University of Brighton,

Korkoro, the Romani word for alone, is a highly acclaimed French language film about the little documented Porajmos, Romani Holocaust. Its story of French villagers that aided the escape of a group of Romanis was recorded by Romani historian, Jacques Sigot. French actors are joined by a trans-European cast. The film challenges the recurrent stereotypes “gypsies” and will, hopefully, help us reflect of the theme of the 2014 Holocaust Memorial Day: ‘journeys.’ For more information about the film see Korkoro will be introduced with a short discussion about the persecution and prejudices against migrants, refugees and asylum seekers today.

Holocaust Memorial Day film showing of Korkoro is a joint Brighton University College Union (UCU) , Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Brighton Anti-Fascists event.