Day of Action against Fascism Saturday 12 October

Day of Action against Fascism Saturday 12 October

Bradford: Unite Against EDL
Liverpool: March Against Fascism

1. We are Bradford: Unite Against EDL
Saturday 12 October looks set to be a major day of action against fascism. The English Defence League (EDL) has called a demonstration in Bradford. Bradford has one of the largest concentration of Muslim communities in the country and was the scene of riots in 2001, after a growth in fascist activity in the area. In 2010 the last time the EDL targeted Bradford, we showed that it is possible to voice opposition to the EDL in a peaceful and dignified fashion. UAF and We Are Bradford have called a peaceful celebration of multiculturalism on Saturday 12 October.

We are Bradford : Unite Against the EDL
Assemble 11am Urban Gardens, Bradford

2. Liverpool: March Against Fascism

Meanwhile on the same day in Liverpool, UAF is supporting the March Against Fascism called by Unite the Union. Two years ago the EDL violently attacked the Unite the Union regional offices in Liverpool, and last year attacked PCS members whilst on strike in the region. The Euro elections will take place next year and Nick Griffin leader of the British National Party (BNP) is seeking re-election as an MEP in the North West region. We ask all members and supporters in the North West to mobilise for and attend this demonstration.

Don’t let the haters win – join the march against fascism
12:00-20:00 ASSEMBLE POINT: William Brown Street, Liverpool 3 at noon.

More details including coaches and leaflets:


EDL not welcome in Tower Hamlets

The fascist English Defence League (EDL) has announced plans to demonstrate in East London on Saturday 7 September.

They have attempted to march in Tower Hamlets three times before. On each occasion trade unions, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, other faith, LGBT communities, local elected politicians and many more stood together and prevented them from entering the borough. Now more than ever it is crucial we stand together again. The EDL is trying to stir up racial hatred following the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in May, we must not let them.

Wherever the EDL go attacks on Muslims and other communities occur. In June, a Muswell Hill mosque and community centre was burnt to the ground and ‘EDL’ was found painted on the walls.

In July, three mosques in the West Midlands were subjected to bomb attacks shortly before the fascists mobilised several hundred in Birmingham. We want to show that the EDL and their fascist ideas are not welcome in Tower Hamlets or any other part of London. We need a vibrant demonstration of multi-cultural East London.

Unite Against Fascism is urging all antiracists and antifascists to join a demonstration opposing the EDL on Saturday 7 September 2013. We must stop these racist street thugs from dividing our communities.

Leaflets available from:


Travel arrangements From Brighton to be posted shortly and/or check B&H unite Against Fascism Facebook page


    Oppose the English Volunteer Force in Croydon

    On Saturday 27th July a splinter group of the EDL called the EnglishVolunteer Force have called a demonstration outside Lunar House inCroydon, which is the main asylum seeker processing centre in the UK,where asylum seekers and migrants are obliged to come by the Home Office.The EVF are more openly and virulently racist that the EDL and will besupported by a number of other far-right splinter groups.Their aim is to scapegoat migrants for many of the problems of society andto stoke up anti-Muslim hatred.They aim to capitalise upon anti-immigrant feeling connected with the riseof UKIP and on the recent surge in Islamophobia since the killing of LeeRigby in Woolwich in May.Lunar House will be operating on the day and migrants, many of whom arevulnerable people having fled torture and abuse, will have to queueoutside suffering abuse fromfascists.The EVF are being opposed by a broad coalition of local residents and thelocal Trades Council, South London Anti-Fascists, the local Green Party,UAF, One Croydon, Croydon SolFed, the Anti-Fascist Network and others.Say no to racism, Islamophobia and migrant scapegoating – Join us on the27th to stand together against the hatred of the EVF and to defendpeople’s right to seek asylum.The EVF have just announced their demonstration will start at 12 noon,an hour and a half earlier than their original time. Keeping watching for updates

    Reception for Farage by anti UKIP protesters

    When Farage and UKIP came to Brighton to a rally at Hove Town Hall on Monday 3rd June they were greeted by more than a 100 protesters from a local Stand Up to UKIP coalition of groups including PCS, NUT, Unison, UCUImage and GMB trade unionists, anti Bedroom Tax campaigners, members of the local Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Brighton Queers against Cuts and students from Brighton’s universities and sixth form colleges. UKIP supporters had to be escorted by police on a ‘walk of shame’ through a throng of protesters making it clear that racists, homophobes and misogynists are not welcome in Brighton. Nearly an hour after the meeting had been scheduled to start, Farage still hadn’t managed to speak as UKIP members turned on members of the public in the meeting who were then evicted for daring to question UKIP. An impromptu rally with speeches from the PCS branch secretary of the local DWP, the Brighton Benefits Campaign, a Brighton CityClean worker in dispute with the City Council and a student from the University of Sussex campaign against privatisation who also made the links between ConDem cuts and racist scape goating and emphasised the need to unite the resistance against austerity and racism brought the protest to a close.

    Don’t let the racists divide us


    The Argus has run a story today about the EDL’s plans to march in Brighton and lay a wreath at the war memorial.
    Scott Horwood, EDL’s Sussex regional organiser is quoted by the Argus as saying that Brighton is “.not a place that’s friendly to nationalists so we won’t be hanging around” and has promised the EDL group would try to be “in and out of Brighton in one hour”.  One wonders why they feel the need to come to Brighton when they know they are not welcome.
    We believe this event is about exploiting Lee Rigby’s memory, not respecting it. This weekend the English Defence League are organising 55 protests in different towns and cities across the country. The far right British National Party is trying to re-launch itself after its recent splits by  holding a national protest in Whitehall, Central London at 1pm – the first time they have done so since 1998.
    The best way to commemorate Lee Rigby’s death is through a peaceful show of unity against the BNP, EDL and Islamophobia such as the one organised by UAF in London.  Lee Rigby’s family have said  “We would like to emphasise that Lee would not want people to use his name as an excuse to carry out attacks against others” and Drummer Rigby’s regiment, the Royal Fusiliers,  has issued a notice to veterans and serving soldiers warning them about being associated with far-right groups.

    Brig Ian Liles, regimental secretary to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, wrote: “It is wrong and disgraceful that the death of one of our own should be exploited in this manner and that dishonour, by wrongful association, is brought on to the regiment.”  In a separate notice Col James Stopford warned “extremist organisations (English Defence League in particular) will seize any opportunity to align veterans with their cause”.

    The sight of EDL members giving Nazi salutes in London last Monday refutes the idea that they have any respect for the British Armed Forces.

    If you haven’t already done so sign our online petition calling for unity against the EDL’s attempts to divide our communities


    Dont let the racists divide us : Unity demonstration

    Saturday 1 June, 12 noon

    General Gordon Square, 


    London SE18 6HX

    Next to Woolwich Arsenal DLR/Rail station

    The BNP has called a national demonstration in Woolwich this Saturday, 1 June.

    Fascists and racists are trying to take advantage of the terrible murder of Lee Rigby to whip up racism and hatred for their own anti-democratic ends.

    We call on everyone to join with Unite Against Fascism, local trade unionists, faith groups and community groups in a peaceful show of unity against the BNP and its Islamophobic poison.

    We will not let them divide us.

    Nigel Farage – leader of UKIP is speaking at Hove Town Hall on Monday June 3rd. Where do you stand?

    What do Farage and his party have to say?

    On Austerity: In an interview with London Loves Business (May 22nd), former banker and now UKIP MEP and economic spokesperson, Godfrey Bloom, said: ‘I’m advocating a 25% flat tax…. I spent 35 years in the City showing people how to invest money in trust funds and offshore funds in order to diminish – quite legitimately and legally – their tax’. On public spending, he is even blunter: he would cut Government spending on things like quangos from around £60B to no more than £10B and remains nonchalant about the mass redundanucies such cuts would create. ‘I hope hundreds, thousands of jobs will be lost’ he says.

    On Homophobia: In December 2012 The Guardian reported Farage’s links with anti-gay, far-right European politicians amid claims he backed a populist Polish priest who describes homosexual men as “sodomites”.  More recently, The Pink News reported Farage as saying he would not expel UKIP members for voicing “old-fashioned” views about homosexuality, including those who describe it as “disgusting”.

    On Disability: UKIP’s 2010 manifesto included a call to move away from independent living and inclusive education, and for out-of-work disability benefits to be paid at the same rate as jobseeker’s allowance.  UKIP initially backed (though later suspended) Geoffrey Clark, would be Kent counsellor who suggested that mothers carrying foetuses with Downs syndrome or spina bifida should be forced to have abortions to avoid the child being “a burden on the state as well as on the family” (The Guardian, 18 December, 2012).  UKIP has recently appointed a disability spokesperson but has yet to reveal any policy changes.

    On Women: In 2010 a trade union blog for Red Pepper magazine reported Farage tweeting “… Pregnant Workers Directive is bad news. Can we stop it? Unlikely.” and Bloom (see above) telling a female trade union leader who had written to him about the directive to “stick to giving advice on nappies and breastfeeding”. On 22nd May the Huffington Post carried the headline: UKIP Donor Demetri Marchessini: Bible says women wearing trousers is ‘an abomination’.

    On Xenophobia and racism: According the Daily Mirror (18th May) Ukip’s leader on Lincolnshire Council and East Midlands Chair, wrote: “Have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in ‘illegal immigrants’, and add just a few more letters, it spells, ‘Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking ********* and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-********, raghead ******** with you.’” He also objected to foreign doctors working in the NHS writing: “We don’t want them taking all the jobs in the local community and we certainly don’t want them working in our hospitals!” The Mirror story also reported UKIP’s party Chair in Bury writing of Barack Obama: “I bet he’s a closet ‘Imam’ as well!  “If I ever see him on a Greyhound bus wearing a rucksack, I’m getting off!!”   During the council elections last month a Ukip candidate in East Sussex was suspended after reportedly posting anti-Semitic comments on a conspiracy theory website including a claim that the second world war was “engineered by the Zionist” (The Guardian 26th April). A UKIP candidate in Kent, referred to risk of tuberculosis after barriers to Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants are lifted next year on his blog “I would suggest not going to London after January 2014 unless you absolutely have to and if you do, adopt the Japanese practice of wearing a face mask,” (Daily Telegraph 26th April) and there are reports of BNP and EDL members joining UKIP. The chair of the Hillingdon UKIP branch boasted on his blog that he “joined my friends from March for England to tag along on the EDL Tower Hamlets demonstration”.

    Let Farage and UKIP know where you stand – join the Stand Up to UKIP Protest at Hove Town Hall from 6pm Monday June 3rd

    Supported by: Brighton, Hove & District Trades Union Council, Sussex Labour Representation Committee, PCS South East Region, PCS DWP East Sussex Branch, Brighton University UCU, Brighton Defend the NHS, Brighton Queers Against the Cuts, Brighton Love Music Hate Racism, Varndean College Against the Cuts, Brighton & Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Brighton International Socialism Network, Brighton Socialist Resistance, Brighton SWP, Brighton UAF, West Sussex Coast UAF.