Brighton UAF stories from other sites:

23 April 2012

from the National UAF site:

Jubilant antifascists swamp the EDL’s mates in Brighton

Antifascists in Brighton have scored a fantastic success against ‘March for England’ – an outfit with close ties with the English Defence League.

MfE supporters and flags are regularly in evidence at demos organised by the racist and fascist thugs of the EDL. Their Brighton event was also being backed by the EDL-linked racist football hooligan organisation Casuals United, which told supporters not to wear ‘colours’ – EDL or Casuals clothing or insignia.

But it wasn’t a good day for the EDL in disguise.

Around 1,000 antifascists, overwhelmingly local residents, turned out on the streets of the city today, vastly outnumbering up to 120 of the EDL’s mates, who arrived by train.

The antifascist demonstrators were joined by local MP Caroline Lucas as well as some local councillors.

Crowds of antifascists filled Brighton’s streets to block the march by the EDL and their racist mates.

Despite a heavy police escort, the fascists were repeatedly forced to divert from their route into sidestreets. Antifascists even set up a barricade to block one street.

The police later confirmed that ‘the strength of opposition’ had prevented the racist marchers from going past the clocktower or reaching the seafront as they had planned.

21st January 2012

From the Argus letters page

Racism stand

THE family of Stephen Lawrence had to wait far too long for even partial justice for the racist murder of their son.

Sadly the two thugs convicted are not some relic of hatred that is confined to the time of their terrible attack – violent bigots can still be found on our streets.

For anyone who is sceptical that race hate is still a problem, last Boxing Day should have been a wake-up call; the racist murder of an Indian student in Salford, and the attack on an Arab Israeli student right here in Brighton, shows we all need to be vigilant and ready to stand up and be counted.

This coming Friday, January 27, is Holocaust Memorial Day.

We urge readers of The Argus to spend time that day thinking about the victims of hate from the past, and to pledge to do all they can to stop people suffering the same fate again.

Simon Burgess, Nadia Edmond, Raf Salkie, Alison Sutton and Andy Richards, Brighton and Hove Unite Against Fascism


From the National UAF Website:

2 March 2011

Brighton: Tue 5 April rally to defend multiculturalism

A public meeting in Brighton to oppose David Cameron’s attack on multiculturalism and Britain’s Muslims will be held on Tuesday 5 April.

The south coast event will follow a London-wide rally to defend multiculturalism on Wednesday 9 March.


Speakers at the Brighton public meeting include Martin Smith (national coordinator of Love Music Hate Racism and a national officer of UAF), Simon Burgess (Labour councillor and Brighton and Hove UAF), Bill Randall (leader of the Green Party in Brighton), a speaker from the local Gypsy and Traveller community group, and a representative of Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum.

The public meeting is on Tuesday 5 April at 7pm, at Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton (10 mins from railway station).


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